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We place a very high value on customer feedback to ensure we stay in tune with our clients needs and expectations and continue to deliver excellent results and customer service. Every customer is given a feedback form which may be returned freepost to our Head Office. The feedback is logged, and where client permission has been given, the testimonials from those feedback forms are published below.

Io was really great. We learnt so much. It was such a good session which left us feeling more confident about what we were doing with our puppy Buzz. We still need to work hard at the training and consult the notes that Jo left. We can also contact Jo if we are worried about anything. Excellent.

E.W., Brockley, London 27th July 2019
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Buss belongs to the Daughter and is looked after by both Mother and Daughter, .  He wasn't keen on being away from the Daughter and was very upset whenever she went out.  Needless to say this was upsetting for all concerned.  This is not unusual  It can be traumatic for some puppies leaving their siblings and they can latch onto either all humans or in some cases just one human to make them feel more secure.  His owners are working now on building Buzz;s confidence and is already much happier.  

Jo provided us with an easy to understand and practical training plan, she is also very knowledgable regarding the behavioural issues we had with our puppy Rocky, and it was clear from the start that she has a connection and love for dogs. Rocky really enjoys the training that Jo set out for us, and we have noticed good progression so far and as a bonus it really tires him out! Overall the training so far has been well worth the money and I can't recommend Jo strongly enough.

J.G., Wanstead, Essex 26th July 2019
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Rocky is a English Bulldog.  They have the reputation for being stubborn when it comes to training but it is often finding what motivates the dog most and using this to reinforce all the good behaviour you want. Rocky's owners have been doing lots of very short sessions with play and rest in between and have kept their puppy happy and motivated.  He is therefore advancing very quickly for such a young dog.  

When our dog hit six years old, we grew lax with training and he started taking advantage by barking, pulling and chasing. Our session with Graham was wonderful - he identified a chronic pain issue, which was contributing to the behaviour change, and taught us simple, usable methods to reduce and retrain our dog.

C.H., London 10th July 2019
Trainer's Comments

Bo is a lovely big Labrador who had become a bit stubborn and set in his ways! As his owner said, he had picked up a shoulder injury and this was contributing to some of his unwillingness to do things for his humans. We identified some exercises that motivated Bo and he seems to be doing much better now.

What a lovely man is Graham. He was understanding, non-judgemental and encouraging. He helped us to see ourselves and our own behaviour through the eyes of our dog and explained and demonstrated how, by changing our behaviour, we could help Hugo's anxieties (which expressed itself in lead reactiveness towards other dogs and the postman). He also talked through Hugo's diet with us and as a result we have now changed this, which appears to be having a good and calming effect on his behaviour. We are now practicing the techniques he introduced and are looking forward to his next visit. We have already recommended Barkbusters to a friend! Thank you Graham

J.C., Sidcup, Kent 7th June 2019
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Hugo is a gorgeous big German Shepherd who didn't have the best start in life and has now been rescued by a wonderful, kind family. He's quite nervous and was showing this by barking and lunging at strange dogs and occasionally people. This is not uncommon for dogs that have been previously abused. His new owners are now patiently working through Hugo's issues and showing him the guidance and support that he needs to become a happy, confident dog.

I thought Honey didn't like me until I got Jo in and the difference in 5 weeks is just amazing. She has been so helpful. Thank you so much.

D.M., Brentwood, Essex 23rd May 2019
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Honey is a 5 year old rescue Bichon Friese.  She guards items and bit her owner when her owner didn't realise she had something in her mouth.  This type of behaviour is natural to a dog and they only behave in this way when they feel under threat.  It is very upsetting for owners, but there is a lot that can be done to rebuild relationships and to prevent this type of behaviour happening again.  This owner has worked hard with Honey and has made considerable progress in a short period of time.  

We can not thank Graham enough for his input. Our Bear was getting out of hand and out of control. Within 20 minutes of Grahams arrival he had Bear eating out of his hand instead of chewing it off. Grahams gentle manner and approach towards a potential problem was fantastic to witness. We have another appointment booked in June and are looking forward to it immensely. To see the change in Bear was mind blowing.

P.P., London 21st May 2019
Trainer's Comments

Bear  is a very big adolescent Rottweiler who was throwing his weight about a bit and occasionally upsetting his owners and their other dog. We worked on establishing some boundaries and channeling Bear's energy. He responded very well to a kind but firm approach. It's not uncommon for large guarding breeds to appear aggressive when they're not sure who is in charge and this can be distressing to their humans. Later on, we took Bear out for a walk and were able to tackle his other big problem which was pulling and lunging on his lead. Very big dogs like Bear can be a real handful on walks, but, again, he responded really well and is now starting to enjoy some nice calm walks with his owners.


S.C., Wickford, Essex 19th May 2019
Trainer's Comments

This owner has 3 dogs ranging from very small to very large and a particularly active life caring for family members with specific needs and also horses.  Her dogs absolutely adore her and see her as very exciting as she does everything for them.  The introduction of her large third rescue dog meant that excitement was getting out of hand and the dogs were barking at her and squabbling with each other.  This is not a quick fix and takes time and commitment to prevent accidental reinforcement of bad behaviour and direct dogs to good behaviour.  As her dogs are rescues they also have other issues but I am confident that this owner will be successful in dealing with their problems.

Jo was great. She has remained communicative, friendly and flexible throughout the process of booking. She then came into our home and fitted right in immediately, managing to deal not just with our dog but also with our two children, including the one who was giving her the third degree! She is clearly extremely warm, observant, kind and wise. By the end I thought she 'got' all of us, and could see how our dogs behaviour could be understood in the context of our family, which is so important. Our dog was also able to 'come' when called by the end of the lesson which he had not been able to do before it. I was amazed. Jo seems to be doing a job she loves, and not just one she is being paid to do. I got her on personal recommendation and I will in turn be recommending her highly to anyone who is looking for support with their wayward dog. Thank you Jo!

E.V., London 17th March 2019
Trainer's Comments

This family have a wonderful energetic adolescent terrier boy who had a very scary habit of running out of the house.  I say had, because his family have pulled out all the stops to work on getting him back and are even at the point of practicing letting out of the front door on a long line (a very long lead) and getting him back.  They do not have a porch and their door is directly onto the street so it has required real dedication to get him to listen to them, and it has even worked when they have had "an accident".  Recall may seem like a simple problem, but it isn't.  Terriers, (e.g. Jack Russell's), Hounds (e.g. Beagles) and Northern Breeds (e.g. Husky's) are bred to think for themselves and to work away from their owners so it takes significantly more work than the other breeds  It is well worth every minute spent on this type of work, both for safety and for enjoyment.  

Jo was really helpful and offered us lots of very good advice. Although we have had cavalier kc spaniels for the past 30 years we now have a miniature schnauzer puppy and we felt we needed some help with her training, especially her tendency to bite . Jo helped us with this and we are in the process of putting all her suggestions into practice. Things have definitely improved and we will contact Jo soon with an update.

S.M., Forest Hill, London 15th March 2019
Trainer's Comments

These owners have the most gorgeous puppy who is showing all the characteristics of a very active Miniature Schnauzer.  There are often big differences between breeds and it can be a bit of a surprise, even for the most experienced of dogs owners as these owners are.  They have a great attitude to their pup and are coping with her admirably.  I am really looking forward to seeing them again.   

Graham has been brilliant and we no longer have a crazy dog who barks at every animal on the TV. We are still a work in progress but we are having great results for following Grahams instructions.

S.B., Purley, Surrey 3rd March 2019

Excellent! Jo gave us insight on what is up with Bruno's behaviour, and taught us tips on how to best walk him in order to reduce pulling. She is a great trainer that truly understood our dog and shared her opinions with us without having a 'know-it-all' attitude.

N.K., London 3rd March 2019
Trainer's Comments

A really lovely Cocker Spaniel with owners who put their dog first.  Bruno had become very fearful of going out with dogs walkers, in comparison with his owners where he was very excitable and pulling on the lead.  His owners are willing to make the changes to his care to ensure he is not scared and upset and I have every confidence that they will find someone he is happy to be with.

Graham arrived promptly and welcomed us to Bark Busters. Throughout the 2.5 hour session he was clear in his objectives and reasons for the training he demonstrated to us. He was non judgmental and encouraged us and Bertie to try the exercises. He was clear on his action plan to be attempted before his next visit and assured us we could contact beforehand if issues arose.

L.R., Basildon, Essex 19th February 2019

We first met Graham June 2016 when we got our rescue dog Nelly. Grahams help was invaluable. So when our dog started barking at other dogs on walks, had no hesitation in going to Bark Busters to ask for their help. Graham came round on the 14th Feb, and gave us the tools and techniques, to help Nelly overcome her problem. Its been a few days now, and I have to say walking her is a pleasure. We know the signs to look out for when she's about to bark, and how to break that thought and stop it. Have to say I couldn't have had a better valentines present. I really had started to lose confidence, and this first visit alone has helped greatly. We'll plan a follow up in a few weeks time.

K.P., Tooting, London 18th February 2019

A thorough effective service with some immediate results.

D.A., London 5th February 2019
Trainer's Comments

Monty is a 1 year old Labrador who was recently re-homed by his current owners. He's a big chunky, boisterous boy who gets easily over-excited. His main issues were jumping, mouthing and pulling on the lead. He responded quickly to his training and is making steady improvements in all areas.

Excellent. Graham is very knowledgeable about training dogs and well able to pass on the benefits of his knowledge and experience. I particular he demonstrated how to discourage Ginger from jumping up, how to get Ginger to respond to a range of commands and how to use a Canny collar and lead to deter Ginger from pulling on his lead.

S.M., London 2nd February 2019
Trainer's Comments

Ginger is a 2 year old Beagle who had developed a bad habit of jumping up on the family members. He would also compete for food and steal possessions for attention. Apart from these little quirks he is a really loving and friendly dog. His interactions with the family are now improving and as a consequence he is spending more and more time with them, which he loves! He still has a way to go but is definitely on the right track. 

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