Customer Testimonials

Graham is a very nice person to meet. I absolutely got out of the first session with Graham what I needed. Specific advice regarding Charlie. As well the practice of his advice was fantastic. It was better then I could expect. Really recommend it. Since our first session Charlie has improved 200 %.
M.K., Wallington, Surrey 8th April 2016

My family and I were finding it very difficult to manage the living situation with my Dog, Drama, and my Mum's cat. Also Drama was misbehaving a lot of the time. After Jo came to our rescue she taught us invaluable information that we have been using every day since. She stayed with us for around 4 hours and gave us in depth knowledge on our situation and it turned out that Drama was actually very stressed and it wasn't his fault he was playing up, he was just trying to do the right thing for his family, but we weren't aware! So after all the help Jo gave us, we now have a much happier household. Drama's behaviour has changed considerably after following her training guides. He listens to me and doesn't pull so much when we are out on walks. He has seemed to have calmed down a little around the cat but that will be a working progress as the cat has has own territorial issues. I would recommend Bark Busters as they have the know how and technique that we pet owners generally don't have. Drama's happiness is incredibly important to me and I'm so glad I got him the help he needed to teach me how to give him a better homelife.
A.A., Grays, Essex 5th April 2016

Graham is a wonderful trainer who we can highly recommend. He is lovely, calm and gives you really useful tips that mean you can still enjoy your dog in a way that works with you. Our dog is much calmer and happier since we had the training sessions with Graham. He explains the dog psychology behind what he recommends and we saw positive results with our dog very quickly. Thank you Graham!

H.U., London 4th April 2016
Trainer's Comments

Chiby is a little Pomeranian boy who was a bit nervous around bigger dogs. He is now doing much better and enjoying his walks.

The training was very helpful. Graham was very patient and the techniques he showed us were very effective. He had a very calm yet authoritative manner to which our dog, Archie, an 18 month old Cockerpoo, responded well. We have been practising the techniques on Archie and have really noticed a difference in him over the first week. Looking forward to continuing!
A.C., Bromley, Kent 3rd April 2016

An excellent 3+ hours. Graham started by setting the scene and made me feel comfortable and then we went through a range of techniques that has enabled me to feel much more confident with my puppy.
R.M., Basildon, Essex 3rd April 2016

Graham has been so brilliant at training Dolly and Alfred. They came along leaps already after only one session. After the second session even better. We were amazed at how well the training has worked with the training techniques that Graham has taught us and Dolly and Alfred. It is a much happier house hold now that they are responding well to the training. We are delighted with the training and help Graham has given our family. We cannot thank him enough!
R.C., Dagenham, Essex 1st April 2016

Graham gave us the right tools to manage Ektoras and that has resulted in immediately improving our relationship with Ektoras. He is now a calmer dog and much more manageable during his walks. The methods employed by Graham and Bark Busters are very efficient and non violent for the dog! Graham was very explicit, very friendly and we had a great time learning how to be a better family with Ektoras and our two cats!
G.D., London 26th March 2016

I have only positive things to say about this service. Graham in my eyes is a real life dog whisperer, we were at our wits end until graham arrived and brought peace and harmony. He was patient and kind and had no judgement towards us. He was very informative and left us with some tips and tricks that were simple and easy to continue with when he was gone. Bruce a springer spaniel is s very hyper dog that has some awful bad manners but with Graham's help and a little patience I could see a change in him within the first visit and with a little training technique we have found ways to keep Bruce happy and active without total destruction. I would recommend this service to anyone with an unruly dog, or even just for the advice as I thought I knew dogs behaviours well but I was proven very wrong you could learn so much more from the dogs dinner to his sleeping habits. I'm so happy I found them online I don't know what would of happened to Bruce as we were ready to give up on him. Now we have the knowledge and are learning more each day I can't imagine him not being part of the family. Thank you so much bark busters.
D.S., Leyton, London 25th March 2016

The training shown to us was quite simple to implement and we noticed a positive change in Blood our 10 month old German Shepherd within a few days. Obviously this has made our lives easier and although there are days when Blood responds better than others we now have the tools to deal with those areas that require more effort.
D.T., Sutton, Surrey 22nd March 2016

I contacted Bark Busters mainly because my 15 week old Golden Retriever would not go for a walk. He wanted to go and would get very excited when we put his lead on but when he got to the top of our driveway he would stop. If we tried to make him walk he would visibly shake. I didn't know if I was making him worse by trying to encourage him or force him, so I thought it better to seek an experts advice. We also have a few other puppy behaviour issues. Graham was very kind and calm. He said Dillon was very head strong and I did need to be firmer with him. He did some behaviour training exercises with him and Dillon did very well. Graham told me to practice these for 20 minutes a day in short sessions. After a couple of hours Graham said we would go for a walk. He put the lead on Dillon and off we went. I was amazed that Dillon walked with Graham for a few minutes before we turned around and came home. And Dillon and I have been doing the same walk a couple to times a day since. He sometimes needs a little coaxing but he walks! As well as helping Dillon, Graham has given me the confidence to train Dillon at home.Many thanks.
G.A., Wickford, Essex 13th March 2016

Jo was very patient with Hollie,it is a difficult problem noise phobia we have to help her with, so it will take a while to see results. Everything was explained and shown when needed. Nothing felt rushed. I could see Hollie felt relaxed around Jo which helps. I saw Hollie sitting in the garden something which she had not done for a while which was great to see.
K.O., Great Wakering, Essex 11th March 2016

Very enjoyable and educational. Meeka was responsive to Graham, but in some areas will not respond to me. French bulldog with a stubborn attitude!. The lesson flew by and i was pleased with Meekas performance on the whole, thanks to Grahams expertise. With grahams help,hopefully Meeka will become a dog to be proud of.
P.B., basildon, Essex 9th March 2016

Jo helped me with my very active and rather naughty puppy, Hawley. Before Jo's visit, I had to wear knee high boots in the house to protect my feet, ankles and calves. Nothing seemed to work to stop him attacking my feet etc as I walked around my kitchen. I have been barefoot in my house since Jo's visit. Jo is incredibly helpful (she goes above and beyond responding quickly to email queries and such like), extremely non judgmental and genuinely just wants to help you to achieve a happy and rewarding relationship with your dog. I would recommond Jo's services highly.
E.C., London 6th March 2016

I was at the end of my tether with the our Spaniel puppy, trying to juggle jobs and a child and didn't seem to be able to get Oreo to settle down and listen. Total situation of the puppy running the house and me etc, so I decided I needed help as I was close to giving up and I really didn't want to do that. Graham came round and listened, observed and chatted and started a education regime. I could already see the change in Oreo in these hours and I felt we had turned a corner and with Graham's support and assistance we can do this. Graham was so helpful and calming and basically was the helping hand I needed, I had hit the brick wall and rather than enjoying the puppy it was total stress, 2 weeks on the difference in Oreo can be seen, we still have things to work on but I feel positive now that this can be achieved.
S.D., Wickford, Essex 28th January 2016

Really comprehensive and useful. The "watch me" now works to perfection!
L.M., Shoeburyness, Essex 27th January 2016

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