INAPPROPRIATE TOILETING have lost count of the times I have gone into to do training for a client to find out that their dog or dogs are toileting in the house.  Many people are simply too embarrassed to admit that they are constantly cleaning up each day after their dogs.  They often think that they haven’t trained their dog properly and are bemused that they let their dog out for a wee, the dog goes to the toilet and then comes back in and toilets in the house. 

There can be medical reasons, especially if toileting occurs suddenly, so always check with your Vet first, but once medical reasons have been ruled out, the root cause has to be identified and dealt with.

In many cases this is a dog (both male and female) marking its surroundings.  It is your dogs way of using scent to make itself feel safe and to protect valuable food resources and the members of its family.  This need to protect can even go as far as a dog toileting on a family member’s bed


If you are not sure you have properly toilet trained your dog in the first place then follow our puppy house training program, FOR INFORMATION ON TOILET TRAINING YOUR PUPPY CLICK HERE but if you have trained your dog and are still having problems then I will identify the reasons WHY your dog is toileting in the house and put a full program in place that not only focuses on the toileting, but also deals with all the contributing factors.  In the meantime NEVER scold, smack or rub your dog’s nose in the mess.  It will either create or increase anxiety and make the situation worse. 

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