Taking your new puppy home can be a daunting prospect.  The following check lists will enable to your ensure you have everything in place you need to ensure this is as smooth as possible.  

 Puppy safety- prepare your home and garden for your puppy:

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/cliche/4726443594/A crate for the puppy to sleep in.
  • Consider a puppy play pen for your puppy to safely play in.
  • Child gate (to restrict your puppy’s access to parts of your house)
  • All trailing wires tucked away.
  • All shoes (very attractive to puppies) put away.
  • All cleaning materials and garden chemicals stored away.
  • Precious breakable items either put away or out of reach/where they can't be knocked.
  • A secure fenced garden
  • No access to garden plants that are dangerous to puppies/dogs

Travelling in the car safely – use one of the following to secure your puppy:  

  • A car crate
  • A dog guard
  • A travel harness – securing your puppy into the car foot well
  • Put your puppy on a rubber mat with newspaper on it to reduce static electricity and the chance of car sickness whichever method you use.

A safe place for your puppy to sleep:


  • Bedding with spare covers
  • Dog training crate or a basket to put the bedding in
  • Blanket or tailor made cover to cover the crate at the top and sides (not the front) so your puppy feels secure.
  • A quiet location away from family hustle and bustle.  Do not locate in the conservatory unless heat and cold is regulated in it.

For more information on crate training your puppy click here


Food and water:

Most people start their puppies off on what the breeder was feeding them BUT do your own research.  Make sure your puppy has a high quality, high protein diet and that any treats do not have additives or colourings.  For more information on good nutrition for your puppy click here

  • Food bowls (cleaned after each use)
  • A water bowl (cleaned and fresh water daily as a minimum)
  • A mat to catch spilled food and water on the floor.
  • Good quality nutritious puppy food. 
  • Treats suitable for puppies.  

Stimulating your puppy's mind:

  •  http://www.flickr.com/photos/oakleyoriginals/2966250467/A rubber Kong.  This can be stuffed with tasty treats such as peanut butter and meat paste.
  •  Toys with squeakers (check that they are British Kite marked for quality)
  •  Balls
  •  Rope toys
  •  Chews designed for puppy chewing e.g. nylabones.  

 Good Dog Ownership:

  • Puppy collar & lead
  • Name tag with owner name and telephone numbers.  This is a legal requirement.
  • Poo bags
  • A selection of toys suitable for the age, breed and size of your puppy.
  • Brush/grooming tools for you puppy’s coat
  • Towels (to dry off muddy paws/wet puppies)
  • Shampoo formulated for puppies.
  • Puppy pads (not to train your puppy to wee on – that should be outside – but to soak up the little accidents that will happen).
  • Pet insurance (preferably life time cover).
  • An appointment with your chosen vet for a health check, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. (check them out beforehand – you don’t need to go to the nearest, choose the one you feel confident in).
  • A book or ebook on puppy ownership and training and/or information downloaded from the internet e.g. this checklist and information from this website


 For further information, prices and to find out how I can help you with your puppy

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